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Did I mention we’ve got a hidden Lloyd route in the works? Because we do.

Wait, so he’s going to be a love interest now? Or, are you just referring to the future friendship route that was already announced?

It’s a friendship route. Just announcing that we’re actively working on it now. Lloyd will never be a love interest for Sian.

Did I mention we’ve got a hidden Lloyd (friendship only) route in the works? Because we do.



Steam Update

Backstage Pass 0.6a is on Steam now. This update includes the following:

-Nicole Route
-Engine update includes text-to-speech. Press ‘v’ on the keyboard to toggle text-to-speech options.
-Minor bug and typo fixes.
-Minor scene updates.

I am very interested in getting feedback on the text-to-speech function. It’s designed to assist people who either have vision impairment or trouble reading, and I’m sure my own personal testing is woefully inadequate to make this the most accessible game possible. If you’re an expert in accessibility, please contact me.

If you pre-ordered the game and you don’t have your Steam code yet, you can request it here. If you’d rather wait for the direct download, that will be up tomorrow.


some detectives from sakevisual's game Jisei I drew while I was waiting for someone [you can play the demo here fyi, it’s great]

Kan’s “NO” basically sums up the entire series and I love that.

Q&R Monday

I wrote a whole thing and then pressed backspace and lost all of it. Hello! It’s Monday and it’s time for some questions and responses.

How did you animate your opening for Backstage Pass, and do you have any advice for someone who wants to do their own animation?

We hired Studio DEEN to do the animation for us. It’s not something I’d recommend unless you have cash to burn (or in our case, an investor who we’re now indebted to… ha…). In Japan, anime is usually done using the RETAS!PRO series. Elsewhere, Toon Boom is a big name in animation software. If you’re looking for something more affordable, we used Anime Studio to make the Jisei and Kansei openings.

If there are any animators out there who want to add advice, resources, software, or anything else, let me know and I’ll compile a bigger post about animation later.

What will your next big project be after BP/the Jisei series?
Hooo, you’re asking about years from now. XD Well, I definitely have designs for another mystery series that leans further towards the paranormal. Think ghost hunting or Dresden Files (but with a female lead). I’d also love to do a cooking-themed game, since I really like food (in case it’s not obvious?).
Are you willing to translate your free games?
Some of them already are translated! Ripples has a lot of translations, and I know several different groups are working on RE: Alistair++. I keep meaning to clean up the code for the free games and release it to make it easier to translate, but that keeps taking a back seat to finishing our current projects.
How did you come up with the idea for the Jisei games?
It originally started as a joke. I was doodling in public, and the Mizutani twins just showed up on my paper. Someone looked over my shoulder and asked “What anime is that from?” Instead of saying they were just random characters, I made up a story about how they’re from a show called “Kangai no Tantei,” and their best friend can tell how a person died just by touching the corpse. When I got home, I realized that would actually work as a thing, so I polished it up and renamed it Jisei.
What’s the latest on Backstage Pass?
We’re testing the girl’s route right now. Follow us on twitter for screencaps and late-night ranting when bugs pop up that confuse me.

Will there be an Alvin route?
There is more Alvin content coming, but you cannot date Alvin.
Backstage Pass - Character Voices

The official Backstage Pass site has been updated with sample clips of the five leads including a first look (listen?) of Sian! Yaaaaay!

And a quick rundown for the sake of having a list in a single place:
-Sian Goodin: Tia Ballard
-Adam Eaton: Micah Solusod
-Benito Kouyama: Casey Mongillo
-John Brandon: Ian Sinclair
-Matthew Partridge: Joel McDonald


My fanart of Aki and Naoki from Yosei, yaaay <33

I love me some Mizutani twins.