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Alvin is the ultimate fanboy. He’s also fully recorded as of ::checks watch:: two hours ago. This isn’t really a voice sample as much as a teaser, but you’ll hear more when we release the new trailer with voices. : D

Only Sian and John left now. We’re so close, gang.







「Knight Errant」ってテレビとの事。多分。ざっくり言うと!






Alvin geeking out hardcore. This is a beautiful thing.

An outtake from Adam’s snow scene. Micah Solusod, ladies and gentlemen.


Appreciation post for Kangai’s beautiful, beautiful smile.

He really does his best.


Tomodachi Life shenanigans (or lack thereof): Jisei edition

Reminder: Everything is Jisei.


Super late happy birthday pic for Matt, whose birthday was like…weeks ago o<-<  Sorry I forgot, and thank you kind anon for reminding me! (but then I had to put it off because of AX shegisehg )

Matthew is most beautiful person.

Bug Fixes for Backstage Pass

Even more bug fixes are up for Backstage Pass. You can re-download the game through your confirmation email, or if you have the Steam version, it will automatically update.

The biggest update is a fix in the CG gallery that caused the game to crash in certain situations before. Full list of updates:
-CG Gallery crash fixed
-Message board highlights new posts
-Achievements available on Steam
-Celina’s sprite visible when she talks about her past
-Minor bug fixes
-Typo corrections
-Updates to Cafe Diem dates

This (hopefully) takes care of the last of the game-crashing bugs, which means we’re about to introduce a whoooole new set of bugs with a secret route next time. Should be fun!

Not sakevisual-specific, but still relevant to otome gamers. I really want ramen now.


I’m on a mission and nobody can stop me.



Fanart of Sian! <3

You guys seriously have no idea how much fan support is keeping our spirits up right now.  I swear the otome fanbase is the most lovely and supportive group of people out there.