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Seeing as these were all posted based on fan vote, it’s kind of a cool coincidence that the characters are being introduced in order of time in the industry. Benito’s trying to break in, Adam just started, Matt’s established, and now we have…

Name: John Brandon
Stage Name: N/A
Age: 35
Occupation: Actor

A British actor known around the world for his role as the lead character in the long-running TV Drama, Knight Errant. John’s poised, polished, and mature, but he’s grown a bit tired of a one-note career. Despite having several other credits to his name, people rarely see him for more than his most famous role. He’s decided to take a break and move to the United States for a while to work on other aspects of the industry. He’s currently Adam Eaton’s music producer, and he’s working with a co-producer to pitch a new TV series. While he has a gentleman’s aura to him, he’s quick to cut out anyone who he thinks isn’t taking things seriously.

February 4, 2013 with 30 notes