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So we’re kind of in this awkward zone where all the stuff we’re working on is totally spoilerrific, and I can’t really post any of it. BUT today I finished the planner screen, so I at least get to show that off.

For anyone who’s played RE: A++, you’ll remember that you had to pick your event every day. We’ve switched to a weekly planner to streamline the process and make the stat raising portion pass more smoothly. Sian’s stats are in the box in the bottom left, but when you mouse over any of the planner buttons, the box will also tell you which stat is being raised and what that stat does. Discerning folk will notice that there’s already one event listed on the planner. There will be certain jobs, events, or dates that Sian can agree to during gameplay, and those are automatically added to the calendar and set as fixed events. No more forgetting when you’re supposed to be somewhere!

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